Arts Across NC podcast

North Carolina Arts Council

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Arts Across NC Podcast is back with a new season. Join us as we look back on the pandemic and its impact on North Carolina’s arts sector over the last two years. With the help of artists, arts organizations, and arts leaders from all across North Carolina, we are telling the stories of mental struggles, canceled performances, and difficult decisions. The past two years also include stories about innovation, hope, and moments of profound connection.

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Arts Across NC launched in March 2017 to celebrate the rich history of the arts across North Carolina during the North Carolina Arts Council’s fiftieth anniversary celebration. In the first three seasons, the podcast’s host, Sandra Davidson, talked with artists and arts leaders about the public value of the arts across the state. We were honored to have engaging conversations with a wide array of artists, including the best-selling author David Sedaris, the renowned architect Philip Freelon, and the musicians M. C. Taylor and Phil Cook. Listen to past episodes HERE.

The newest season of Arts Across NC is hosted by the Arts Council’s content director, Kyesha Jennings. Our special projects coordinator, Sam Gerweck, is the production editor. Theme music is by Millie Vaughn. Check out the promo trailer below.